This Crazy Journey


I am not being negative when I say that my journey through life – and especially my journey to health – is little bit crazy. Contrary to popular opinion, going from point A to point B often means meandering through points O, G, Q and W – in that order! As I learn and apply principles of health and figure out what works for me in food and fitness, I find that I am frequently doubling back on my journey to tweak and refine and re-prioritize. (Sounds a lot like parenting, doesn’t it?)

So where is this moment of reflective rant coming from? Last month I received word that my total cholesterol is 206 – and my ratio of LDL and HDL wasn’t that great. How does it happen that at my leanest and fittest in over 25 years my cholesterol is at its highest?!

When I re-trace my journey, about 3 years ago I chose to eliminate all trans-fats from my diet. At the same time, I also chose not to limit my fat intake, but to be mindful of eating healthier fats. I made that decision because I was trying to heal from adrenal fatigue and massive hormone shifts along with their accompanying brain ‘fog’ and anxiety – and many of the nutrients the brain needs are fat-soluble.

Fast-forward 3 years and I am a happy and healthy 54 year-old woman who now needs to become very conscious of monitoring my consumption of fats – both quantity and quality. New day, new game.

I’ve been here before on this journey. For instance, I gave up weight lifting classes to let compression in my back heal, and now I have returned to resistance training, albeit safer alternatives, to keep my back and core strong to avoid compression issues. It’s not discouraging to me though. Change is good – it’s evidence of movement, which is required to make progress.

And though my journey forward is often more circuitous than straight line (“Serpentine! Serpentine!” cries Alan Arkin), it gets me where I am going in a way that works for me.

I hope your journey does the same.

PS My other health indicators are all very good, so I am grateful for the opportunity to address this issue now. Here are links with more information about healthy weight obesity and how to change it: