Success Stories

“For years I had been struggling with my weight and my self-esteem stemming from being overweight.  I began my journey with LaRae through her Sugar Blues workshop.  It made sense to me.

Something clicked and LaRae’s counseling techniques and information have been a revelation to me.  She is positive, kind and non-judgmental in her sessions.  The information is broken down into easy to understand segments and with logical progression.  Her support and positive “can do” attitude is catching!  As I have made this six month journey through her program, I have come to realize that I do have control, and I can make a difference in my life.  It was so liberating to finally be able to rid myself of the mental burden my weight had put on me and move forward in a healthier way.

I have attained 2 of my 3 major goals during this process and I have the tools to continue with my weight loss journey.  It has been life changing!”

Debbie, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I enjoyed doing the cleanse. I had none of the discomfort that can come with cleansing – no headaches, no disgestion problems. I can’t get over it! I haven’t had chocolate. I haven’t had ice cream. They were such habits. Honestly, what happened to my habits? And anyway, the food is so good!

Sue, Reno, Nevada

“Pat and I would like to express our huge heartfelt thanks to you. You generously gave your time and expertise to guide Pat and I to a healthier lifestyle; a gift with positive effects now and for years to come.”

DeAnn & Pat, Kalispell, Montana

“I participated in LaRae’s Healthy Into the Holidays Whole Foods Cleanse and experienced mood elevation, energy boost and a 10 lbs. weight loss. I feel lighter, lifted and clean – no longer bogged down physically or mentally. In the process I learned about whole foods and the contrast between whole foods and the boxed or prepared foods in how I feel. I never want to get caught again in processed-food, carbohydrate-driven cycle.”

Kandace, Cave Junction, Oregon

“By participating in your Healthy Into the Holidays Cleanse I cleared myself of digestive symptoms like bloating and gas and broke the cycle of sticking all food in my mouth as I made conscious decisions about what I was eating and not eating. The recipes you gave us were good. My system is working with the foods I have chosen to eat.”

Yvonne, Twin Falls, Idaho

“(The Cleanse) has actually gone great. This has been and continues to be a hectic week of crazy-busy-life. I have eaten really well and feel really good. Going off sugar always does that for me.

I have not had a ton of time to make all the meal suggestions. I’ve gotten by on a couple of the shake recipes, a big pot of the curry veggie soup, apples & almond butter, and the yummy beans with salsa and avocado lettuce wraps.

I’ve had plenty of energy to exercise. Most importantly…my knee doesn’t hurt. It normally hurts at night when I sleep and can wake me several times. It has not hurt, and I’ve slept really well.

Thanks for your concern. I’m off to make a big brown rice smoothie.”

Amy, Reno, Nevada

“LaRae, just want you to know this was the kick I needed to get me back off the wheat and dairy. Feeling so much better. Also lost 3 pounds. More energy. All systems go with just those changes.”

Charlyce, Reno, Nevada



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