My 5-Strategy Plan for Healthier, Happy Holidays:

I blogged about making a plan to support a healthy holiday lifestyle. So I thought I would share My 5-Strategy Plan for the holidays this year. These strategies support me in my weakest areas. Reading them you can tell that I have a tendency to over-commit my time during the holidays, undervalue my own physical needs and make poor food choices because I am stressed and tired.

5 Box Check Off

Hopefully this example of my plan will help you formulate your own 5-Strategy Plan. Please know that I haven’t met anyone that is perfect at this yet, so be forgiving of yourself when you forget what you are trying to accomplish. Re-commit. Start again. Move on.

  1. Workout four times each week. I have five workouts planned into my weekly calendar. If I miss one, I am still on track. If I miss another, I can re-schedule it on one of my free days.
  2. Big Green Salad for lunch. This changes my appetite and my paradigm about holiday treats. Salads take time to prepare and they engage my senses – smell, touch, sight, taste (I always pick as I chop.) and sound (My dog comes running when the knife hits the cutting board.) Salads are real food, and I am sated when I finish eating one.
  3. Go to Bed by 11 PM. Enough said.
  4. Get up by 6:30 AM. See above.
  5. Sit Down and Relax. Put together a puzzle. Read a book. Call my mother. Talk to my husband.

The reasoning for #3, 4, and 5 is the same. There are only so many hours in a day. If I am going to both prepare for and enjoy the holidays, something has got to give. Let “IT” go – whatever “IT” is. You and I both know that we are the only ones who will notice if “IT” does not happen. (Just make sure “IT” is NOT you and your well-being.)

What will be noticed by us and those we love is that holidays planned with health and happiness in mind will bring peace and strength and joy and renewal.

They will not deplete. They will enrich.

Happy Holidays Greeting

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season.