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Go into summer feeling (and looking) great!

I had such a great response to my Down-and-Dirty Whole Food Cleanse in May with dozens of people joining me to clean up their diets before summer, AND I have had so many requests from people who couldn’t make the May dates work for them, SO I decided to do an encore Spring Cleanse and squeeze it into the final weeks of spring.

My Down-and-Dirty Cleanse, Part Deux will launch June 2 – June 18 – and you can join for the incredible price of just $29. I’ve lowered the price because I am passionate about this opportunity and want everyone to be able to afford it!

If you saw my emails about my Cleanse in May and thought you would like to do it but other priorities got in the way, this is your chance to get it done before summer ramps up.

Sometimes we let some things slide, even important things, because we lack the time or energy or knowledge to deal with them. That’s the reason for my Seasonal Cleanse Group Program. I have figured out everything you need to nourish your body and I give it to you, plus the support you need to continue your healthy eating patterns, in one simple, affordable $29 package.

Don’t let this priority slide any longer. Everything you need is ready and waiting for you in one easy-to-use, well-supported program.

My seasonal cleanse for Spring of 2014 is called the “Down-and-Dirty” Whole Food Cleanse, because we jump into this cleanse and get our bodies running so much better in just 17 days. There will be one week of pre-cleanse food and activities. three days of deep cleaning with simple, whole foods, and then one week of post-cleanse protocol to transition into a healthy summer lifestyle.

The Down-and-Dirty Cleanse, Part Deux package includes suggested menus, tasty recipes, helpful shopping lists, simple daily protocols, great information, how-to conference calls and online support via Facebook.

It’s simple. It’s supported. It works.

Being on the fence is hard. It’s time to move your health needs to the top of the list. Everyone wins when we take care of ourselves!

Warmly, LaRae

Here are all the details:

Down-and-Dirty, Part Deux – Whole Food Cleanse
June 2 – June 18
Just $29
Register on the Home page of this website

Please feel free to contact me at if you have questions.

Sign up today by going to my Home page and clicking on the PayPay icon.

Still wondering what to expect? Check out my blog posts “What You Can Expect From My Whole Food Cleanse” or “Move From SAD to Glad Today”.

What You Can Expect From My Whole Food Cleanse


After completing my Winter seasonal cleanse, Brian and I felt lighter and full of energy for snorkeling, running, hiking and dancing in Loreto, Mexico

After completing my Winter seasonal cleanse, Brian and I felt lighter and full of energy for snorkeling, running, hiking and dancing in Loreto, Mexico

Last fall I launched my first Seasonal Cleanse Group Program, and I supported a second one in February. Now I am ready to launch my third Seasonal Cleanse Group Program – The Down-and-Dirty-Spring-Cleaning Whole Foods Cleanse.

Besides having a spectacular name, it features a host of new and delicious recipes focusing on lighter, spring fare and is just the ticket for getting ready for your active summer.

Participants in my past two programs have LOVED the results! Using their feedback, I have simplified the cleanse, so you can easily customize it to reach your goals.

And based on their experiences I can tell you exactly what you can expect.

One participant said, “Tell them they will never be hungry!” She was so surprised to find that the transition from Standard American Diet (SAD) into the 4 days of deep cleanse did not leave her feeling hungry or deprived.

This happy and healthy cleanse participant is a 62 year old mother of 5 and grandmother of 12!

This happy and healthy cleanse participant, a 62 year old mother of 5 and grandmother of 12, says the cleanse changed her and her husband’s eating habits permanently for the better.

Many participants delightfully reported, “The food is delicious!” They have found new favorite recipes that they use regularly in their menu planning. I run every recipe through my kitchen, and test them until they work easily and taste great.

After her first week on the cleanse, another participant with food allergies shared, “This was the kick I needed to get me back off the wheat and dairy. Feeling so much better.”

Lastly, I love this one: “The main thing I have noticed and been grateful for is that cravings are not nearly as big a problem for me as before.” And everyone says the same thing about cravings. They just fade away – usually in 3-4 days.

Please join this program – for just $29 – if these are the outcomes you are looking for in your life:

#1 – Kick Old Habits
Whether you need a jumpstart as we head into summer or an entirely new approach to healthy eating, the Down-and-Dirty-Spring-Cleaning Whole Foods Cleanse will help you get there.

#2 – Get Energized
You will get off the energy roller coaster with foods that bring energy that lasts. Wake up ready to go. Break out of brain fog. Say goodbye to your afternoon sugar crash. You are going to love the way you feel.

#3 – Drop Unwanted Pounds
When you feed your body clean, whole foods you boost your metabolism with pure fuel, instead of bogging it down with foods that are toxic and difficult to digest. Past Cleanse participants have reported easy weight loss of 5-10 pounds across 3 weeks.

#4 – Cleanse Your Body
Your digestive system and other filtering organs like your liver will love the lighter load of clean foods and other cleansing activities you can choose to do during the program. The Cleanse will increase your organs’ capacity to flush and clear away toxins – leaving your body functioning more efficiently.

Do some spring cleaning from the inside out and feel better than you’ve felt in years!

Here are all the details:

Down-and-Dirty Spring-Cleaning Whole Food Cleanse
May 12th – May 23rd
Just $29
Register on the Home page of this website

Move From SAD To Glad Today

Go from SAD to Glad.

Go from SAD to Glad.

I am really excited to launch my next seasonal whole food cleanse on May 12th. Let me share just a few of the reasons why you should join my Down-and-Dirty-Spring-Cleaning Whole Foods Cleanse:

  • Nothing flattens your tummy like 12 days of clean eating.
  • Lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks.
  • Get rid of those crazy cravings for crappy food.
  • Discover what foods help you feel energized.
  • Springtime is a great time to dump foods that leave you lethargic, bloated or uncomfortable.
  • Complete your spring cleaning, by giving yourself the gift of clean eating.

We have all read articles and attended classes that teach the troubles associated with the Standard American Diet (SAD – its acronym tells the truth!) and the benefits of eating REAL food. So why are we still eating stuff MADE IN a plant instead of GROWN ON a plant?

It can be hard to transition from where we are to where we want to be when it comes to eating. Our habits, comfort zones and cravings keep pulling us back. We want to eat healthy food, but we also want that food to taste good.

With my support and using the great materials you will receive, you will be able to make the transition to eating a sustainable diet of clean, whole and delicious foods. And all of this costs just $29!

If you have ever wondered when or how you were going to make the commitment to take care of yourself by eating really well, NOW is the time and THIS CLEANSE is the way.

Don’t delay! Sign up today for my Down-and-Dirty-Spring-Cleaning Whole Foods Cleanse. At just $29 you can afford to do it and you will be GLAD you did.

i look forward to working with you!

To register for the cleanse just go to the Home page of this website and click on the PayPal button. IMPORTANT: If you are not subscribed to my newsletter, please subscribe so that I have your email address to send your cleanse info to you.


Have You Finished Your Spring Cleaning?

Have you finished your spring cleaning? Even if your windows are washed, your cupboards are organized and your garage is swept out, there is one more thing you might want to clean up this spring – YOU! Isn’t it time to de-junk your diet or toss the winter weight or polish up your waistline just in time for summer?

You’re lining up the kids’ summer camps, organizing your family reunion and bringing life back to your lawn and gardens. Have you scheduled some self-care in your summer? I’m not talking about sitting by the pool reading trashy novels or sleeping late (although you might want to plan a little pampering!), but the kind of self-care that brings energy and vitality and makes you feel good just being in your body.

Join me for my Down-and-Dirty-Spring-Cleaning Whole Foods Cleanse. Yep, we are going to squeeze in a whole lot of clean eating between Mother’s Day and Memorial Day weekend – taking 12 days to transform our bodies and get ready for summer from May 12th through May 23rd.

For just $29, I will provide you with a fully-supported cleanse program including lots of delicious, seasonal, clean-food recipes. This is the third cleanse I have supported and these are the best recipes I have offered yet! You will not be hungry – and you will not feel deprived. You will get rid of cravings for junk food. And you can continue to enjoy your clean eating lifestyle long after the cleanse is over.

Join my Down-and-Dirty-Spring-Cleaning Whole Foods Cleanse today.

Let’s do this together and get ready for a happy, healthy summer!

Just $29. Email me to let me know you are interested.